Mysteries of Time

by Hypermortal

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FDJ Heavy psychedelic tinted post rock spiced up with elements of jazz fusion and a little spacey funkiness. Favorite track: Pyramid Ascension.
Howie Howard
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Howie Howard This shit is amazing. And it sounds amazing. Hypermortal in full flower. Favorite track: Sailing the Surface Dream.
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Waxpancakehunter The intro to Seven Seraphim exploded my brain. Excellent heady tunes for maximum mind expansion/meltage. Favorite track: Psychedelic Cloud Transition.
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I'm staring through a hole in your mind A gaping void where once a third eye Would open wide to welcome in The streaming tears of love and star light You are a fluid long and bright Encrusted by a husk of plastic stuff Excrete the mucous of desire And breathe in deep your destination My merkaba waits for me A double helix tetrahedron Maybe now or maybe not Embark the pyramid ascension We have such sights to show you all The corridors of psychedelia Torroidal thoughtforms of an alien god Eternal bounds all my creation You go In Out Up Down When? Now Why? Wow!
Baby let's go for a ride C'mon reverberate These good vibrations, they never do discriminate You're never really truly alive 'til you forget your name And when you finally arrive you'll find it's all the same in Heaven Let me take you to Heaven Gonna take you to Heaven I wanna take you up to Heaven The seven seraphim slither in their silver skin Open a portal to a Hypermortal habitation Just like a wheel within a wheel our love it undulates We watch reality heal us up steal us away to Heaven Don't give it up, give it away Open your window shine in the shade Put away your past All the toilets and the trash We're gonna fly Fly on up to Heaven
Between nowhere and where I don't care We were beyond and outside The muscles that bind the "us" that we decided to despair God forgive this the "it" in witness I want to live with endless concentric circles White and purple like my third eye sees Silver purple as my third eye frees I'm stuck in a groove Trapped in a mood With no other purpose but to waste time Phased out and floundering Sailing the surface dream Scaling the serpent's skin
Suffer But do so softly And often Speak now or forever hold your breath Sometimes when I slumber I wander and wonder what's under Underneath your skin In a coffin I was rottin' When awoken Soft spoken So broken Sometimes when I slumber I remember I'm pretending to be Underneath your skin Animalian mechanical living could be oh so sweet Bitter truth from forbidden fruit proves that it is not to be I can see behind your eyes and inside your dreams I can see what you're trying to hide but you can't keep hidden Underneath your skin
Over the rainbow Over the moon Twice in a lifetime Never too soon Never two Sophisticated Solipsistic Cloud formations Changing the mood Strangely And if lightning strikes in the same place two times It might be the shock you need to change your mind And see your ego shatter, doesn't matter Peaceful as the buzz between your ears In a volcano Under the sea Angry waters Washing me clean Washing me away Come to the surface Come to the sun Taste of the fountain Go on, getcha some And if your dream boat sails and leaves you lost at sea Just dream yourself a little tiny island where you plan to be Then see your ego shatter, doesn't matter Peaceful as the breeze beneath your feet I can see you floating in a psychedelic cloud transition
Mothered and licked Coddled and corrected by the tongue of a filthy creature A succubus of the mind Alright It's all connected Your special purpose and the people you decided Can keep living For now But their time's running out Like some romantic delusion of crawling back to the womb You try to contrive a confusion Mothered and licked Wishing for the night to return from the magic of the sunshine Within the dirt you reside Glistening black like residual dissonant star light Warm and blinded And screaming into the void It's some romantic delusion of crawling back to the womb You try to contrive a confusion for a clarity that never comes It's some romantic delusion of falling into a tomb You try to contrive a confusion for a clarity that never comes It never comes Come! Get to it! Come! Get through it! Come! Just do it! My baby
Here but gone A crimson lady Laid to rest in the speckled purple clover Florid cheeks and her vanity Vanish with the dawn Acroamatic breezes glisten Hear the heart's secret song If Death had designs on your lover Two can still be one Before the worms and undertaker And pennies on her eyes Banish me from the sultry looks of animated liars I pray the forest keeps my secret Frozen in her fire You wouldn't believe the things I'd do for this disease we call desire Give me one more night Just give me one more night


Recorded June 10-15, 2019 at Flat Black Recording Studios in Lone Tree, Iowa


released February 7, 2020

Produced by Hypermortal

Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios

Additional mixing and engineering by Daniel Glascock

Artwork by Ryan Sharp

Additional artwork processing by Sam Piper and Daniel Glascock


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Hypermortal Lawrence, Kansas

Evil space funksters learning to count non-real time signatures.


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